Beaver Damage Michigan

Beaver Information


Beavers are encountered through all of the Northern U.S.A. except in the desert and some southern states. Beavers exist in swamps, rivers, lakes, ponds and live in a lodge; the lodge comprises of an inner chamber, with the base above water line and consists of 2 entries. One entry opens into the middle of their lodge, although the additional entry is an abrupt line into water. The lodge is comprised of sticks, moss, and grass, interwoven jointly and sealed with mud. As years pass with many repairs and additions the lodge will increase in size.


Beavers can weigh between 27 to 65 lbs. Beavers are mainly aquatic creatures, and the biggest rodents in the USA. The beavers have a waterproofed fur that is generally reddish brown in color some may even have black fur or even a blonde fur color. The under fur is a lot thinner than the guard hairs. Beaverís teeth are crucial for gnawing through wood like maple, poplar and oak.


The beavers tail, which makes up the most obvious feature of this amazing rodent. It is wide, flat, and encompassed in large scaly leather. Beavers also have a castor gland which is used in marking territory, and contribute to the beaverís odd odor.


Beavers will mate for life, but if 1 perishes, the other beaver will search a new match. Young beavers are run off from their groups commonly around their 2nd yr of life before new young are brought into this world many of us call the dispersal. They then will establish their own colony, commonly several miles away, they first mate around the third year of life.


The Beavers are sexually matured at around 36 months of age. Beavers will mate around January through March in northern climates and later than November-December further south. Beavers bear 1 litter annually, generally in the months of April - June. When born they're fully furred, eyes open, and may swim within twenty-four hours. After many days they're able to wander from the lodge with mom and dad to search the surrounding region.


The normal lifespan of beaver in the wilderness ranges from ten to twenty yrs. The size may save it from many predators; a beaver's life could be cut short by predators, most commonly humans, wolves, and coyotes. Parasites and disease also play a factor in mortality.
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