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Beaver Removal Methods

Trapping is said to be the most effective beaver removal method known to man. To get rid of beavers that is causing damage to residential properties in Michigan a good beaver control plan must be put in place.  There are different types of traps available for usage in getting rid of beavers.
Known as the largest rodent in North America, an adult beaver can weigh as much as 65 lbs. and can measure anywhere from 24 to 36 inches with 12 to 18 inches of tail.  They are adapted to living in an aquatic environment.  It has webbed feet and its tail is uniquely shaped like a paddle.  Beavers are a major nuisance in a great part of the country specifically in the northern states where their population is rising.
There are two main reasons why beaver are considered a nuisance and require professional beaver removal and beaver control, their tree chewing, dam building and flooding activities are major issues. They can cause problems wherever there is a suitable habitat.  In the United States, beaver damage from these activities is estimated to be around $5 million a year.
1. Tree cutting This is not good for landowners whose fruit trees, natural forests are affected.  Beavers   also cut down ornamental trees, shrubs and ruin expensive landscapes.
2. Dam building - This is a more serious problem because of the resulting flooded forests and farm lands, plugged culverts and washed out roads caused by the beaver dams.  Homeowners and farmers are affected because of flooding of homes, highways, railroads, and crops.  Likewise, the water supply is contaminated and the drainage systems are affected.
For effective beaver removal, there are no bells or wistles, or mystical sprays that can be used to get rid of beavers.  Some say that urine of predators like a coyote or fox can scare beavers away.  This kind of beaver control does not work.  Devices like ultrasonic sound emitters are also ineffective.  Mothballs and ammonia-soaked rags do not work for beaver control and may harm the environment.
Making the them go away on its own is most ideal.  This is much easier said than done, though.  Harassing them and repeatedly destroying their dams and dens may force the beaver to relocate. If attempting to harass the beavers by destroying dams and lodges you might want to work on your patients and nerves. However, it must be noted that a beaver can rebuild a dam overnight. Chances are they will outlast you in your attempts of your beaver removal techniques.
If you do not want to trap the animals, you can try to eliminate their food sources and access to your trees.  You can install steel fences made of heavy gauged wire around the trees or you may wrap the wires around the tree trunks so beavers cannot chew on them. That may work for the beavers damaging your trees on your river front or lake front property but they will travel for food and building materials if needed.
Physical removal and control of the beavers are your best bet.  Professional trappers or wildlife removal professionals are then the best option for beaver removal. 
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